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Webinar Series:

E-Signatures & Digital Agreement Processes

Webinar 1   •  Webinar 2  •  Webinar 3

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Webinar 1: How to Optimize the Value of
E-Signatures in your Digital Agreement Processes

Time: May 19, 2022 | 2pm ET/11am PT

Michael McMahon, Digital Transformation Consultant
• Patrick Albert, Senior Solutions Architect

As organizations accelerated their digital business operations over the last 2 years,
e-signatures emerged as a must-have technology. By enabling refreshingly easy and secure digital agreements and transactions, this solution provided countless benefits to employees, customers and partners beyond that of convenience.

In this webinar, digital business experts will explore why teams need to get behind this digital revolution and share tips to ensure adoption for existing and future workflows.

Topics and demo will include:
  • How to optimize B2E, B2B and B2C e-signature workflows across different use cases, channels, and devices
  • Tips for improving the CX and achieving maximum ROI from your investments
  • Walkthrough and technical steps in the e-signature implementation process
  • Tried and tested recommendations for winning internal adoption

Webinar 2: How to Balance the Need for Human Intervention in Digital Agreement Processes

Time: May 26, 2022 | 2pm ET/11am PT

Dilani Silva, Product Marketing Manager
• Raquel Lima, Product Manager

In response to our increasingly remote world, business professionals have modernized how they interact with colleagues and clients, relegating face-to-face meetings to the backseat. Despite this surge in digitization, a human-digital hybrid model is an important consideration for specific transactions when mediation is valued.

In this webinar, you’ll discover ways for your organization to overcome the challenges that come with replicating in-person experiences via remote channels, and modernize how you can interact with clients.

You will also learn:
  • When human assistance in digital customer touchpoints is most valued
  • What to look for in a solution that modernizes these virtual interactions
  • Top requirements, benefits and use cases for these mediated agreements
  • How to replicate in-person interactions through digital platforms that integrate e-signature, videoconferencing, identity proofing, and rich collaboration capabilities

Webinar 3: Extending E-Signature Use Across the Digital Agreement Continuum

Time: June 2, 2022 | 2pm ET/11am PT

 Aaron Davis, Director, Product Marketing
• Sameer Hajarnis, VP Growth & Transformation

The pandemic has resulted in a fundamental shift in the way organizations prioritize digital transformation tools, including the accelerated adoption of e-signatures. Now, as we enter the next frontier of digital transformation, organizations are looking for ways to rapidly extend those benefits to additional business lines, channels and use cases.

In this webinar, a team of digital business experts from OneSpan will uncover:
  • How to move beyond your initial e-signature use case and identify the right set of next use cases to tackle
  • How to gain buy-in from internal stakeholders to expand your e-signature project
  • Best practices for scaling your infrastructure and developing a center of excellence

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