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Future of Financial Services
8-9 November 2018, Sydney, Australia

Securing Transactions in an Open Banking World

Consumer’s data privacy, security, and consents are creating challenges and changes in the financial services industry. Open banking is not an option anymore, and it is shifting the banking business model.

Financial institutions, like yours, are facing regulatory obligations, and mandatory implementation of new technologies while making sure consumer’s data is protected and fraud is prevented.

How can financial institutions effectively implement Application Programming Interface without compromising security and user experience?

Schedule a meeting (Booth 13) and learn from our OneSpan security expert:

  • The Open Banking Authentication Models
  • How to mitigate Risks that Open Banking introduces
  • How to maintain a low user friction in an Open Banking Scenario


Dan McLoughlin is a Digital Security Specialist at OneSpan, covering UK & EMEA. Dan has worked over 18 years in Security, extensively with Small, Medium and Large Enterprises and many of the world’s largest banks. He has a strong background with remote access and authentication.

Time and Location

November 8-9th 2018
Hilton Hotel

488 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000, Australia


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