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Fraud Reduction Intelligence Platforms

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According to Cybersecurity Ventures, total related cybercrime costs are projected to reach $10.5 trillion by 2025 as levels of account takeover, new account fraud, and other types of fraud continue to rise. What’s more, fraudsters are expanding their focus beyond financial institutions to healthcare, telecommunications, insurers, gaming, and other industries. 

The chief mitigation strategies against these attacks involve real-time risk analytics. Risk-based multi-factor authentication solutions can substantially reduce fraud rates by increasing authentication assurance levels, evaluating behavioral analytics, and integrating with a fraud reduction intelligence platform (FRIP).

Get an update on:

  • The 6 major functions of an FRIP, including credential intelligence and biometrics
  • Why OneSpan is listed as a Market and Innovation Leader
  • Key evaluation criteria for fraud reduction intelligence platforms
  • Detailed analysis of major players and products on market

Download this KuppingerCole Report for an overview of the FRIP market and gain valuable insight to help evaluate and compare solutions. This report examines market segments, vendor service functionality, market share, and innovation among the top providers.

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