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Having the right information is critical in the fight against fraud. Quickly identify the top considerations, best practices, and evaluation areas for digital security with our most valuable anti-fraud resources.

Viewed thousands of times, these resources serve as an excellent foundation to build your understanding of fraud prevention and detection.

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  • ISMG: The Future of Adaptive Authentication in the Financial Industry
    ISMG surveyed over 150 FI executives to assess the state of digital authentication and the market’s investment strategies for 2019. Review their findings.
  • Mobile App Shielding: How to Reduce Fraud, Save Money, and Protect Revenue
    This white paper presents the business rationale for mobile app shielding and explains how app shielding with runtime-protection is key to developing a secure, resilient mobile banking app.
  • Top Account Takeover Fraud Schemes and How to Protect Against Them
    Read this blog about some of the most pernicious account takeover strategies. Learn how, by applying a layered approach, financial institutions can protect against this type of fraud.
  • EagleBank: Launching Software Authentication for New Customers
    This case study tells the story of how a mid-sized bank cut their client onboarding time from four days to five minutes with software authentication.
  • Adaptive Authentication: Superior User Experience and Growth through Intelligent Security
    Intelligent Adaptive Authentication can achieve the twin goals of reducing fraud and ensuring a positive customer experience. Learn the essentials about adaptive authentication.
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